We always start from our handpicked raw material – the fruit that we select from our farmers – worldwide! We are determined on offering our customers a product that outperforms the quality standards they expect or have been accustomed to receiving from us. We strive to provide fruit that are superior in quality to what they believe they will receive or to what we have agreed to offer.
Specialization is and will always be a key factor on our success. We have dealt with several types of fruit but choose to specialize in few.
We currently select the best from our packing houses in 12 countries and export to 21 countries worldwide.
We are all satisfied, seeing all our efforts come to fruition! Our current standards of operation are very high; while being totally transparent throughout the supply chain.
Above all we have high morale and the best of prospects for the future! We all have what it takes! Know-how…Continuity… Enthusiasm…and Eagerness…all at once.
But most of all we LOVE what we do.